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Pattern Awareness

pattern awareness

Without patterns, sewing would be a lost art, or at best would be relegated to mending and altering clothes. The fun of sewing would disappear, and with it the satisfaction and enjoyment of creating something lovely and unique to wear. For every one of the hundred of new patterns which appear each year is destined to make someone look more attractive if that pattern is chosen with discrimination and care.

Naturally, not every pattern style will look equally well on everyone, just as no ready made garment is the answer for every woman. But unlike any pattern the garment you plan to make cannot be tried on in advance. You have to take a chance, but if you know how to pick the right pattern, your risk can be a very small one. This is not just a matter of flipping through the pages of a pattern catalogue and selecting an appropriate style. It involves finding your correct figure type and size.

Choosing a pattern in the correct figure type and size seems to be a difficult thing for many women to do. They prefer to choose a style and then worry about how to make it fit, whereas if they choose the correct pattern in the  first place, it would solve a great many of their problems. It may also make the difference between a smooth, professional look and an amateurish one. Pattern companies divide their catalogues into sections depending upon figure types, so that once you have determined your type, you can turn directly to the section you need.

This is a separate course

Course Requirements
A4 Folder/Plastic Slips
Paper Scissors
Pencils/ Rubber
Black Felt Pen (Fine)
Coloured Paper

duration 1.5 hours
$50 per class







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